1KEPT is a collaboration of industry professionals who seek to provide a comfortable and sophisticated dining experience.   We want to help foster enjoyment and happiness among family and friends. 1KEPT is the culmination of this philosophy and our passion and love have helped create something unique.

“Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated”

Collective Kitchen

At 1KEPT, we focus on the concept of a Collective Kitchen, where great ideas and flavorful food always win. We believe in a group synergy, where creative ideas culminate from fresh ingredients. Built on collaboration and passion for serving a great meal – we create food and flavors that spread joy and love.

Charity Counter

We offer a chef select, 6 course meal on Tuesdays thru Thursdays, where 100% of the bill will go to one of our select charities. You decide, and we will make a pledge to that amount.  We are dedicated to the community and have a number of charities that we support and hope our efforts help those in need.

Local. Local. Local.

In addition to supporting local suppliers, we also feature local growers and vendors, doing our part to support the Atlanta Business Community. Our menu features selections from local farms and farmers markets and our culinary team sources regional ingredients wherever possible.


Hand crafted and created by 2 local natives, our drinks create a mix of traditional inspirations, southern spirits and a smile. Our in-house infused vodkas and personally selected liquors make for a drinking experience you’ll want to share with friends and family.

Pickling Lab

Taking the best that each growing season has to offer, we put passion and pride behind this timeless process.  From watermelon, to bread pickles, to sea beans, to walnuts, we’re pickling it all.